Cubs Drop First Series in Miami

Marlins 6, Cubs 0

Well, that’s not exactly the way the Chicago Cubs envisioned their opening series to end with a 6-0 defeat at the hands of the Miami Marlins. To start with, and I’m just pointing out the facts, the Cubs went 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position.

Um, you can call that opening series jitters, but 1 for 9 isn’t that good. That’s definitely one area to improve upon. Yet, I don’t feel the Cubs are in trouble yet. It’s just frustrating it’s the Marlins, which by the way, appeared to have slightly more Cubs fans in attendance than Marlins cheerleaders.

“Quite frankly, we could not have hit the ball better than we did,” Maddon said of Sunday’s game. “That’s the most incredible shutout I’ve ever seen in my life. Give their defense a lot of credit. They covered a lot of ground in the outfield; they made some plays in the infield. For zero points, you cannot hit the ball any better than we did. That might have been the best-hit shutout I’ve ever seen.”

Now, if that doesn’t sound like the most optimistic words of a man trying to open his own restaurant in Chicago, that’s a pretty darn good sales job of the Cubs. The way I see it, there’s a huge difference of someone going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls and sinking it into the cup. Maybe the Cubs used the Miami series as batting practice for their division rivals Cincinnati Reds this afternoon?

“It’s just one of those things,” Anthony Rizzo said. “History shows we don’t play well in Miami. We split. Move on from there. … Overall, I thought the contact was good.”

It could have been one of those fluky things. Jose Quintana pitched very well and the Cubs hit the ball all over the place but baseball is baseball and sometimes you’re not going to get those runs.

It’s a little disappointing from baseball’s third highest payroll but like any good Cub, they’ll lick their wounds and move on.

“The whole game changed in one inning,” Jose Quintana said. “A couple ground balls and the double to Anderson — I think that [pitch] was a little up. It happened and it’s frustrating.”

Yup, frustrating is the key word, especially to this super hyped Cubs fan that waited all winter to see this day. Cubs fans love story book endings and so far this year, the Cubs have gotten off to a rocky start. Perhaps it was just an April Fool’s joke and they’re going to come out in Cincy with bats blazing and pitches popping( don’t know what that means exactly but man, it sounds awesome.)

Believe It


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