Cubs Blame It On The Rain

Cardinals 4, Cubs 3 (14 inn.)

It must have been his chance encounter with Ozzie “The Wizard of Oz” Smith at Target but Dexter Fowler crushed his first career walk off in the 14th inning to lift the Cardinals past the Cubs 4-3.

I thought I’d lead in with that because it sounded better than the Cubs lose their fifth straight. I wish Fowler was still with the Cubs.

“We’re not hitting the ball like we can,” Joe Maddon said. “We’re not scoring any runs. The pitching has been good enough to have a really good streak going, but we’ve been void of hard contact. It’s a lot of softly hit balls on the infield and not driving the baseball, and that’s pretty much it. Luke gave up a homer, but we just have to strike the ball with more consistency.”

The mantra around baseball and especially Cubs fans, has been “Just wait, the Cubs will get going” but it’s more than that, the Cubs struggles are real. Any team can lose five straight, that’s a slump, but the Cubs have been on a spiral the whole season.

“We’re trying,” Javier Baez said. “We’re still not completely hot. We’re going to keep battling and making adjustments. The season is pretty long. I think we just have to make adjustments, step by step.”

How many adjustments do they have to make before they consider the fact that something is broken right now and needs fixing. Now, before I throw in the towel and say that the Cubs suck (Forget the one I said yesterday) they’ve shown flashes of brilliance. Of course Baez has been playing an outstanding season but even the electricity he’s brought early on has fizzled a bit.

“[The rain delays] were awkward. We’re pretty good with the rain. It was a long game, we didn’t get any hits, and neither did they. Both sides were out of pitching. We were one pitch away and didn’t get it. Nobody feels worse than Luke does. He was one pitch away from getting a save, and it didn’t happen. You move on, and that’s exactly where I’m at.” Maddon said.

It’s about the only thing the Cubs can do.

Believe it


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