Cubs’ Willson Contreras Keeps Everything Grand

Cubs 11, White Sox 2

The Cubs are on a roll and when they beat the White Sox, that roll is like an avalanche. Yesterday, Willson Contreras and the Chicago Cubs downed the White Sox 11-2 but that wasn’t the best part; Contreras connected with a grand slam and finished the game with seven RBI’s.

“I love when he hits the ball to left-center, and when it goes out, it’s even better,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said of Contreras. “My take on him is when he’s driving the ball in the gap, he’s on top of his game. That’s what I saw last year. That’s what I saw today.”

Of any teams, beating their crosstown rivals is always a milestone of the season and could help the team turn things around. The Cubs are 1.5 games back and see no signs of slowing down. They’ve won four in a row as well as Kris Bryant hitting his fourth home run in five games. It was a banner game.

“I’m really happy to be part of this team. I’m really happy with everything that’s going on. I’m happy to have my family here in Chicago and happy to have my wife here,” Contreras said. “I’m just happy about everything that’s going on.”

The rivalry between the two clubs brings out the fierce competitiveness. It’s great for the city because few teams have that honour of crosstown rivalry. Mets/Yankees? Angels/Dodgers. It doesn’t have nor will it ever bring out that competitiveness with the teams. Families are split, friendships divided when it comes down to it. What if they played in the World Series?

“I’d love to be there for that,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Friday prior to the start of the intracity Interleague series between the two teams. “That probably is the epitome. When we got here, of course, the goal was to get there and win it, and we have [in 2016], and we’re looking to get back. To do it intracity like that would be pretty spectacular. Talk about energy — oh, my God. I hope I’m around for that moment to occur. I think it would be pretty spectacular.”

For now, these games are what matters. It’s about friendship, family and the love of baseball.

“It’s always fun. Any time you have a legitimate rivalry, it’s good, and it’s good for the fan bases on both sides, and it’s good for baseball. It’s entertaining. It’s interesting. I have not been here long enough, but I’m starting to catch the vibe. Even though the one team is not not doing so well, they’ll be ready to play.”

Believe it

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