El Mago Does it Again

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In any other season, and especially if it were his rookie year, Javier Baez would be the kind of guy that would give managers fits. His style of play can be counter productive once the whim of what he’s trying to accomplish takes hold. Fortunately, Baez plays for a guy like Joe Maddon who is a creative guy himself. Yesterday, in the Cubs’ 5-2 victory over the Detroit Tigers, Baez stole home again.

“It’s almost impossible to teach those things,” Maddon said. “You can suggest it or go through it in Spring Training, but guys have to be bold enough and recognize it in the moment to do those things, which he does. He’s different. As he continues to ascend offensively, that’s been the last thing. Defense, arm, baserunning, it’s all been there. Now you look at the numbers he’s throwing up there offensively, that’s what makes him an elite baseball player.”

El Mago has been electric this season and an All Star consideration as well as MVP. The Cubs are enjoying a six game winning streak but  are only one game back of Milwaukee who are in the middle of a winning streak themselves. The Brewers are giving the Cubs fits.

“I feel a lot of people want to follow me and play the way I play. The thing is, it’s being you. I go out there to have fun and do the best for my teammates and play hard. Obviously, like I say all the time, I’m not trying to show anybody up. I’m trying to do my best for the team.” Baez said.

I don’t know about you but I’m loving it. Watching Baez play has been one of the most exciting things about the Cubs this season. Some folks call it sandlot ball but I believe that’s the way the game should be played each and overtime. If a player sees their chance, take it.

“When Joe got here, that’s one of the first things he said — ‘If you feel sexy, wear it,'” Baez said. “Everybody here is like that. Everybody dresses like whatever they feel like wearing and being here, obviously being on time and playing hard is the most important thing for us.”

Believe it

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